The Hepburn Sofa by Matthew Hilton is a modular seating system with almost unlimited possible configurations. Four key modules can be chosen in any combination and mounted to a single, double, or triple leg base. The number of modules and configuration chosen determine the overall dimensions.


Matthew Hilton is an esteemed British designer whose eponymous product line expresses the technical knowledge and clarity of vision gained over four decades in the industry. Utilising robust materials that improve with the mark of age, Matthew Hilton creates timelessly beautiful, exceedingly functional products that are rigorously engineered. Every view of a design is valued equally, every aspect carefully considered, allowing for a sense of appreciation over time as new details are discovered.

“If you live with something, you might pick it up and look at the bottom. So the bottom of it is equally important. Every aspect is important because it is something that is going to stay in your life,” Matthew Hilton.