We believe furniture should become part of the family and endure for a lifetime. We build our furniture to last, using premium materials, expert craft, and thoughtful design. We know that unexpected things can happen, so we offer a lifetime repair service to help your De La Espada furniture recover in such circumstances.


To register for our lifetime repair service, fill out the registration form you received with your furniture delivery and return it to us via email at

If you have not received this form, email us a copy of the receipt or invoice issued for the order by an authorised retailer or De La Espada.


A repair requires an initial enquiry process whereby De La Espada offer advice on whether a repair is possible, desirable, or best delivered locally at the customer’s expense. In the event of a factory repair, the customer is responsible for the logistics and cost associated with transporting the product(s) to and from the De La Espada factory. In some cases, factory repairs may accrue additional charges.

It is important to always follow product care instructions as supplied by De La Espada. Some damages, such as those due to misuse, customer modification, or improper care may not qualify for our repair service.