The architectural conversions at Hotel Felsenhof in Flachau (Salzburg, Austria) are part of a long term development concept which transforms and adapts the existing structures of a locally grown family hotel into a contemporary hotel business in modular phases. Designed by Kohlmayr Lutter Knapp-Office for Systemic Design, the concept is a family friendly hotel which offers an easy, ecological and open minded atmosphere for young families spending their holidays in the alpine environment. In keeping with their design ethos, Kohlmayr Lutter Knapp considered a wide range of aesthetic, social, economical and ecological aspects and focused on intelligent, clear and down-to-earth solutions for Hotel Felsenhof. The rooms use honest, comfortable materials — solid wood, metal and wood — coupled with a utilitarian yet inviting interior, including furniture by Matthew Hilton: Hepburn Bed, Orson Compact Desk and Fin Dining Chair.

Photo credit: Dr. Monika Nguyen