Ett Hem is a boutique hotel in Stockholm, Sweden with brand identity, interior concept and design by Studioilse. Situated in a former diplomat’s townhouse, Ett Hem is designed to be a home of comfortable, simple luxury. A house with open fires, a well-stocked library, a welcoming courtyard, modern yet resonating with the spirit of its past. A mixture of vintage and modern furniture is used throughout, and Studioilse's Bench with Back manufactured by De La Espada is included in the communal kitchen.

Ilse Crawford says, "Ett Hem is our latest hotel project in Stockholm. The idea is a comfortable cultured house you can enjoy as if it is a friend's. Sit in the kitchen, have a drink in the sitting room, pick up a book in the library or snuggle down by the fireplace. We hope that people who travel a lot will feel so happy there they wouldn't want to stay anywhere else."

Photo credit: Magnus Marding